January 23-25, 2018 | A Free Event 
A Three Day Online Event with Sessions that Motivate, Empower and Help You Crush Being a Mom
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Now Playing On-Demand | A Free Online Conference 
A Three Day Online Event with Sessions That Motivate, Empower and Help You Crush Being a Mom
Day 1 | Teach 
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9 AM PT | 10 AM MT |12 PM ET
3 Parenting Tips to Help You Raise Happy, Confident, and Cooperative Children. 

Carol Tuttle
Speaker and Author of the best selling book, The Child Whisperer
The Child Whisperer
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Making Your Kids 
Expert Travelers

Jessica Gee
Mom and Travel Journalist
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Online Safety First, Inspire Your Kids Second

Dina Alexander
Author, Founder and President Educate and Empower Kids
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Maximizing Your Mom-Mojo: Learn What Determines Your Mental Wellness

Tamara Tifft
Mental Health & Acupuncture
Dinner and Dessert
Ready to Bake
Easy as… Pie.
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
Helping Your Children Become Lifelong Readers

Kim Christenson
Freelance Writer and Journalist
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
Building Deep Extended Family Relationships: It's Worth the Effort

Ann Takasaki
Chairwoman of the Board
Big Ocean
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
How to Teach Kindness 
in the Home

Maria Dismondy
Author, Coach and Founder
Cardinal Rule Press
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
Discipline with Love: Getting Results Without Ruining Your Relationship

Georgia Anderson
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Break Free from the Routine and Schedule: How to Bring Adventure and Culture Back into Family Life

Jamie Cook
TV Contributor & Blogger
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Nurturing Your Marriage Through Parenthood

Caitlin Olsen
Marriage and Family Therapist addorecovery.com
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Getting to the Heart: Strategies to Support Children with Special Needs

Erica Miller
Educator, Parent 
Support Specialist
Children with Special Needs

Improve Your Mental Wellness

Day 2 | Inspire 
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9 AM PT | 10 AM MT |12 PM ET
Show Up: a 3 Step System to Help You Live Your Best Life, Be Your Best Self, and Crush Being a Mom, No Matter What Life Throws Your Way!

Natalie Norton
Author, Speaker, Life Coach 
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Learning To Smile Through Another Negative 
Pregnancy Test

Danielle Davis
Today's the Best Day
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Overcoming Stress to Release Your Inner Wonder Woman

Bianca Patterson
Speaker, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Seasonal Wellness Expert theproskitchen.com
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
I’m Not Perfect - 
But, I Am Enough 

Lu Duke
Certified Mental Health Counselor

Learn more about Amare's natural mental health products or 
become a 
Wellness Partner

10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
Living the HIGH Life: Finding Your Community and Passion to Feel Alive Again

Emily Nelson
Co-Founder High Fitness
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
We’re All in This Together: Embracing Your Value As a Woman and Mom 

Melisa Osmond
Blog & TV Contributor
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
Recognizing and Talking About Postpartum: Find Joy In Motherhood Again

Michelle Pearson
Vlogger and Author
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
The Power of You: How to Fill Your Vessel so You Can Change the World

Carolina Allen
Big Ocean
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Emotional Fitness: 5 Mental Exercises That Build Self-Love and Make Healthy Habits Stick

Rachel Gainer
Personal Trainer, 
Nutrition Specialist
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Finding Your People: Five Tips for Making Mom Friends

Jessica Dahlquist
Extraordinary Moms Podcast
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Live Your Life with Hope: by Lifting Others and Finding the Best in Them 

Amy Twitty
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
10 Steps to Better Body Love

Ashley Reeves
Food & Lifestyle Blogger
Day 3 | Do
Brought to you by:
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT |12 PM ET
The Simplest Budgeting Method...EVER

Jordan Page
Finance and Frugal Living funcheaporfree.com
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Wake Up to Make Up: The Story Behind 2 Moms Driven to Redefine the Beauty Industry and a Wakeup-to-makeup Tutorial

Stacey Clark 
Shine Ambassador
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Routines for Mom and Family That Will Create Calmness and Confidence 

Kimmy Hughes 
9 AM PT | 10 AM MT | 12 PM ET
Cake Decorating 101 
Building a Brand Over 
Social Media

Courtney Rich
Founder, Cake Maker
Great Days Start with Great Makeup
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
Looking, Feeling and Doing Good: a Style Session with a Purpose

Courtney Brown
CEO, Cents of Style
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
How to Get a Deal on ANYTHING from Travel, Groceries to Beauty

Melea Johnson
Lifestyle Youtuber and Founder
The Melea Show
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
The Blossoming Business: an Honest Step-By-Step Approach to Creating an Online Presence

Michelle Gifford
Business Coach, Editor in Chief, Podcast host 
10 AM PT | 11 AM MT | 1 PM ET
3 Pro Secrets That Will Transform Your Photography Today

Sarah Grace 
Photographer Educator & 
Podcast Host
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
How Becoming a Multi-Million Dollar Int'l. Entrepreneur Helped Me Crush It as a Mom: A Guide to Pursuing Your Dreams While Creating a Beautiful Family

Katie Richardson
Founder & Author
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Working out and Eating Right as a Busy Mom? Yes! 
It's Possible!

Jill Kaufusi
Certified Personal Trainer
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
3 Ways to Hear the Music 
of Motherhood and Find 
Your Voice

Cheri Magill Heaton
11 AM PT | 12 PM MT | 2 PM ET
Messy Mindfulness: How 
Not to Lose Yourself 
While Trying to Find 
Yourself in Motherhood

Kathryn Vigness
Author and Soulpreneur
Session Title
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The Agenda
The event starts at 10AM MT (9AM PT | 12PM ET) each day from Jan 23-25th, 2018 
Dive into subjects like; 
family life, parenting, 
marriage and education. 
Get inspired with sessions about personal 
development, home management, food, 
fitness, health and fashion.
We'll cover things we must do, 
like finance and things we like to do 
like hobbies and business.
Our Mission
We believe in the influence Moms have on the world to shape the next generation of leaders, Mothers and Fathers.

Step 1:
Register for 
the event
Click any of the register now buttons on this page. Enter your name and email address and hit submit.
Step 2:
Watch for
 instructional emails
They will contain information like; how to login for the event, how to get the most out of this event and recently announced speakers.
Step 3:
Schedule time 
to watch
Mark some time in your calendar when you can be kid free or plan a watch party with a few other Moms.

Step 4:
the event
Click the link in the email we send each morning of the event or come back to this page and click watch the event button.
When is the event? 
Jan 23-25th Sessions start at 10 am MT (9 am PT | Noon ET). 
How is the event structured?
There are 10 sessions each day. 5 of them can be watched starting at 10 am MT and the other half can be watched starting at 11 am MT. You can watch them in any order and at any time after they become available. They will be available to watch for 10 days.
How long are the sessions?
Sessions range from 15 to 30 minutes.
Will there be a schedule released of who is speaking on what day?
Yes. One week prior to the event we will post the schedule on the website. We will also email it to you sometime before the event.
Only mom topics?
We built this event for Mom’s but there are plenty of sessions that would apply to those who are not Mom’s.
Do I have access to every speaker or one at a time?
You get access to 10 speakers each day and can always go back and watch sessions you have missed from prior days.
What topics will the conference cover?
We will be posting session titles one week before the event here on the website. Here is an overview: 
Day 1 Teach: Family Life, Parenting, Marriage, Education 
Day 2 Inspire: Personal Development, Home Management, Health and Fashion 
Day 3 Do: Business, Food, Fitness, Finance
What if I can’t make it at 10am each day?
No problem, you can still register and watch the replay for one week after the conference ends.
Are the videos live or recorded?
This year all videos were pre-recorded this last week. These are brand new sessions never seen or released before this event. For future events, we will have a mix of live, pre-recorded and Q&A sessions.
How do I watch the sessions?
Watching the sessions is similar to watching shows on Netflix or Youtube. You click on the button below the speaker's picture and session title and it will take you to a page with the video. Push play and you're on your way.
Where is the event located?
It takes place online at www.IamMomSummit.com, kind of like a Netflix for Moms. You can watch from anywhere. Once you register we will email you a link. Click that link the day of the event and it will take you to the online conference. If you don’t get the email or can’t find it just come back to IamMomSummit.com and there will be a link you can use to login to the event using the email you used to register with.
How can I speak at the conference?
This year's conference is full, but please leave us your info here so we can consider you for our next event.
How can I sponsor this event?
Please leave us your contact info here.
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